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Founded in 2005, we are a family-owned, mid-size cleaning company serving Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, and Etobicoke.
We are proud of our long-standing clientele and dedicated team of cleaning staff. Our team has completed more than 20,000 individual assignments. We take pride in our ability to clean your home or your office.

Our experience gives us an in-depth understanding of the residential cleaning. We strive to understand and exceed each customer’s needs and expectations.

Weekly, biweekly cleaning
One time deep cleaning
Cleaning for real estate market
Move-in/move-out cleaning
House cleaning a la carte


With us, you pay for cleaning quality and effectiveness. We only hire and train the best available cleaning professionals who deliver to the highest standards.


We train every new hire, using our internal house cleaning procedures and by referring to customers feedback. Our personnel understands and maintains the exacting standards of the service we provide

Prime Service

We use only the highest quality cleaning tools and cleaning agents, top brand names that are ecologically friendly, effective, and safe to use.



With more than 12 years of experience in residential cleaning, we know how to effectively clean any house.

Our Customers Feedback:

Excellent service with great discipline. I find their cleaning very thorough and neat!


I’ve had 2.5 years of amazing service from Jolanta and her team!


I have dealt with Mississauga House Cleaning for over 6 years. They are trustworthy, reliable and most importantly do an excellent job of cleaning!


Have enjoyed coming home to my sparkling home for 1 1/2 years now.


We love Mississauga house cleaning ! Very reliable , meticulous and never disappoints ! Six years of amazing service !


If you looking for job done in timely manner Mississauga cleaning services is the one to call.professional service and detailed cleaning. Strongly recommended


How do we clean

We begin cleaning any room with the routine task of dusting and spider web removal. This entails wiping down all walls and crown moldings, picture frames, any woodwork, shelves, lamps, window/door ledges and frames, blinds, curtains-anything that could potentially collect the dust on its surface. Our cleaner double-checks that spider webs are removed, and then she proceeds to room-specific cleaning tasks described below

Kitchen Tasks

One by one, our cleaning professional wipes down all small appliances sitting on the countertop, and then polishes the sink and the faucets. Next, she cleans cabinet doors, doors, exterior surfaces of the range and stovetop, dishwasher door, microwave, fume hood, counter tops, and back splash. She uses dedicated cloths and sponges where required. She removes the garbage, cleans the can, and loads the dishwasher. She finishes by vacuuming the floor she mops wood and tile floors and wipes toe-kicks and baseboards.

Washroom Tasks

After dusting the bathroom, the cleaning professional vacuums to remove loose hair and other small debris before the surfaces get wet. Next, she scrubs all hard surfaces: porcelain, ceramic, glass, plastic, enamel, etc., making sure to use dedicated sponges and brushes to avoid cross contamination. We polish metal fixtures, faucets, and shower heads, using a sanitizing solution, and a set of specialized sponges and brushes dedicated to those tasks. We continue with mild soap solutions, followed by rinsing with water to ensure no residue remains

Bedrooms and other rooms

The cleaning professional begins by organizing all personal items, then she makes the beds. With either a feather brush or damp cloth, she dusts all wall fixtures, furniture, picture frames, any woodwork, shelves, lamps, window ledges and frames, blinds, curtains, bookcases, TVs, stereos, speakers, and anything where dust may settle. When dusting is complete, she vacuums the floors and reaches deep under the furniture and under the rugs. Wood floors receive special treatment and are cleaned with a moist microfiber cloth. Finally, baseboards are wiped down.

House Cleaning maybe easier than you think…

However, you need to like doing it “Housekeeping isn’t rocket science, but it does require skills, energy, time, and an enthusiasm. The varied tasks involved in cleaning a house demand that the person cleaning be organized, detail-oriented, efficient, and energetic—and they have to like the work to do a good job consistently.”
This video demonstrates some basic elements of house cleaning. Our cleaning professional cleans a small house in three hours, a tasks that take almost an entire day for an inexperienced person without the proper tools, training, and equipment.

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