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We are proud that our house cleaning company can offer top-notch cleaning services to homeowners of Mississauga, Oakville Brampton and Etobicoke. Our team of professional house cleaning ladies, who are both skilled and dedicated are delivering only the best house cleaning services that money can buy. As o family owned business we provide a five stars knowledgeable 24 /7 customer service to help our customer to identify their house cleaning needs or address any comments. We are established house cleaning company and we offer a wide range of cleaning services:

Weekly, biweekly cleaning
One time deep cleaning
Cleaning for Real Estate market
Move-in/Move-out cleaning
House Cleaning a la carte

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With us you pay for the cleaning quality and effectiveness. We only hire the best available cleaning ladies who deliver to the highest standards and effectively.


Once we hand pick the cleaning lady we train and re-train her regularly using our internal house cleaning procedures and by referring to customers feedback

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All our cleaning tools and cleaning agents are of the highest house cleaning industry quality. Top brand names, ecologically friendly, effective and safe to use


Yes, We are experienced! With more than 12 years in house cleaning business, we and all our cleaning ladies know how to effectively clean any house

How do we clean

Our cleaning ladies are trained to starts to clean any room in your house by the routine task of dusting and spider web removal. She goes around a room and dusts down all walls and crown moldings, picture frames, any woodwork, shelves, lamps, window/door ledges and frames, blinds, curtains…anything that could potentially collect the dust on its surface. She double checks the webs are removed effectively then she proceed to a room specific cleaning tasks described below.

Kitchen Tasks

Once the dusting is completed the cleaning lady  cleans one by one all small appliances sitting on the top, she polishes the sink and the faucets. Then she cleans the cabinets’ doors, fridge doors, outside stove, dishwasher doors , microwave, fume hood, counter tops and back splash. She uses dedicated cloths and sponges where required. She removes the garbage, cleans the can, and load the dishwasher with dirty glassware found in the kitchen and throughout the house. She finish by vacuuming the floor then she mops the ceramic floors, toe-kicks and baseboards.

Washroom Tasks

Once the dusting in the bathroom is completed the cleaning lady starts  vacuuming the room as  she wants to have loose hair and other small debris removed from the surfaces before they get wet. Then she scrubs, one by one the surfaces of all the porcelains, ceramics, glass, mirrors, plastics, enamel…etc., making sure a dedicated sponges and brushes are being used. We polish metal chromed fixtures, faucets, shower head, inside and out from top to bottom, using the sanitizing solution, and set of specialized and washrooms dedicated sponges and brushes. We continue with mild soap solutions, follow up by rinse with

Bedrooms and other rooms

In the bedroom the cleaning lady starts the cleaning by organizing all personal items scattered throughout the room and she  makes the beds.  With  either feather brush or slightly moist cloth she dusts off all wall fixtures, furniture, picture frames, any woodwork, shelves, lamps, window ledges and frames, blinds, curtains, bookcases, TVs, stereos, speakers and anything that may be a potential area for dust to settle down. She vacuums thoroughly the floors by reaching deep under the furniture and under the rugs. If the floors are wooden she cleans them additionally with a moist microfiber cloth, paying special attention that baseboards are

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Our Customers Feedback:

Thank you for the wonderful job you did at my house on Friday, April 27th. I am very pleased and so was my Mother. She knows how cleaning should be done, trust me. Very impressed and looking forward to a long relationship. Please schedule me in for every 2 weeks!

Mary Beavers

I found MississaugaHouseCleaning as a result of a search on the internet. The ladies were prompt, efficient, thorough and the service was reasonably priced. They did such a good job that I’m sure it was a contributing factor to the home selling in multiple offers over the asking price within 24 hours of it being…

Lisa Melthory

Moving out of the old house into a brand new one is not an easy feat on its own… I hardly imagine how we would have dealt with all the cleaning up if it was not for help by these tremendous, quick and price affordable service! They arrived on time, they finished exactly as agreed,…

Edward Hamilton

House Cleaning maybe easier than you think…

However, you need to like doing it :)… also you need to be physically fit, have energy, be organized, detail oriented, be able to work effectively… and if you are a homeowner you need to have enough of spare time.
This video demonstrates some basic elements of house cleaning, and whereas our cleaning lady clean a small house in 3 hrs, for inexperienced person, without proper tools, training and equipment it usually takes almost an entire day.

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