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Our Maid Services, One by one, our cleaning professional wipes down all small appliances sitting on the countertop, and then polishes the sink and the faucets. Next, she cleans cabinet doors, doors, exterior surfaces of the range and stovetop, dishwasher door, microwave, fume hood, counter tops, and back splash. She uses dedicated cloths and sponges where required. She removes the garbage, cleans the can, and loads the dishwasher. She finishes by vacuuming the floor she mops wood and tile floors and wipes toe-kicks and baseboards.

After dusting the bathroom, the cleaning professional vacuums to remove loose hair and other small debris before the surfaces get wet. Next, she scrubs all hard surfaces: porcelain, ceramic, glass, plastic, enamel, etc., making sure to use dedicated sponges and brushes to avoid cross contamination. We polish metal fixtures, faucets, and shower heads, using a sanitizing solution, and a set of specialized sponges and brushes dedicated to those tasks. We continue with mild soap solutions, followed by rinsing with water to ensure no residue remains.

Our Maid Services, The cleaning professional begins by organizing all personal items, then she makes the beds. With either a feather brush or damp cloth, she dusts all wall fixtures, furniture, picture frames, any woodwork, shelves, lamps, window ledges and frames, blinds, curtains, bookcases, TVs, stereos, speakers, and anything where dust may settle. When dusting is complete, she vacuums the floors and reaches deep under the furniture and under the rugs. Wood floors receive special treatment and are cleaned with a moist microfiber cloth. Finally, baseboards are wiped down.


Quality cleaning and amazing service! Jolanta and her team were respectable and very accommodating to our requirements. Will definitely have them on continued basis.

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