Selecting the right Cleaning Service

Selecting the right Cleaning Service
Selecting the best house cleaning service for you isn’t always as simple as it may seem.

And as with any life decision, there are various factors to consider, information to gather so that you can make a decision you’re going to be happy with. That’s what really matters right? To keep things simple, there are some basic decisions you need to make when choosing your cleaning service. You need to ensure your personal comfort, pick satisfactory skill set (reliability) and allocate right budget.

First, it’s imperative that you can trust both the cleaning company and the individual(s) that will be cleaning your house

Are they personable? And do they “feel” trustworthy? Here you need to follow your gut instinct. Look at the feedback of the company, ask around, and inquire as to how long they’ve been in business, along with their company vision. This is just giving you little bits of information to help you determine the trust factor.

Next, it’s important to ensure the cleaning services company you’re considering has the skills and tools to satisfy your needs

Make certain you know your needs and expectations and that the cleaning company understand them and can deliver on all accounts, particularly when your cleaning needs or budget change.
It’s also important that you are happy with the specific cleaning lady doing the job. Life is full of all sorts of people and you’re bound to run into a few you just don’t “click” with. That’s okay, but it’s not okay if one of them you are entrusting to clean your house. Of course there are some people that trust the company and don’t really care who does the job for them. This is a logical way to go about it. On the other hand, there are others that want to know the exact person cleaning their home, so they can establish a connection and know precisely who to go to if they’d like things done a touch differently. This is perfectly fine also, to each his/her own.

In general you opt for less security with a cheaper service by “freelance cleaning lady.”

Then there are the mid-sized cleaning services companies like us, MississaugaHouseCleaning, that are moderately priced, secure and flexible.
Then there are the International Franchised companies that are big in size, with a price tag that matches. And when it comes to the pricing, as always, cheap is most likely to be crappy service however top dollar doesn’t necessarily guarantee you are going to get top of the line cleaning services.

Cheaper services offer job done at a cheaper hourly rate

… but they ask for longer time to do same job. A selling tactic one need to have his eyes opened for.
We had experienced the situations on several occasions where a “freelance cleaning lady” cleaned customers hose in 5 or 6 hours at $20 per hour, whereas we MississaugaHouseCleaning Inc. would have it done in just 3.5 hours, charging less and do a better job obviously.

There is a huge difference between a good cleaning service and an excellent one

Think about it for a minute. The freelance cleaning service lady doesn’t have a company to stand behind her, to make sure she’s trained properly and thoroughly, have newest technologies available, and to make certain she is going beyond the call of duty to get the job done.
And what happens when she gets sick, takes a holiday, or has to care for an ill child or family member? Or she gets simply tired, fatigued and starts to underperform gradually? You are stuck running around trying to find someone else, to get the job done.Now this doesn’t mean medium and larger size cleaning services companies are a fit for everyone. Talk about calling the kettle black. But there are some common complaints we hear quite frequently from customers coming to us for help with their cleaning. And we listen carefully and make certain we alleviate all of their previous issues, so they can trust we will get the job right for them, minus the headaches.
A few common complaints about the big companies we hear are: expensive, inconsistent cleaning quality, overcharged and undervalued, high turnover rate in cleaning staff in general. Discomfort in cleaning arrangements from the start.
We have seen these problems and we understand their source so we can deal with them proactively .

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