House Cleaning Cost

House Cleaning Cost Explained

House Cleaning Cost Explained

It’s safe to say most house cleaning job estimates are not consistent.

House cleaning companies use different methods both to clean and to calculate their bids for service. We are explaining house cleaning cost with 100% transparency. Many housekeeping companies adopt the mathematical formulae used in commercial cleaning for residential jobs, which just doesn’t always work very well. Cost estimates for office buildings and hotels use square footage and the number of rooms as starting point. That works well due to uniformity throughout the property, in floor type, furniture , number of windows etc. In essence, one room is much like the next, so the consistency of rooms within an office building enables the cleaning company to simply multiply the expectations of one room as applied to multiple floors of the same kinds of rooms. This uniformity allows for successful and fair use of their mathematical formula.
The diversity of rooms with regard to size and purpose in a house complicates residential cleaning, making it much more difficult to give an accurate estimate without actually seeing the home. For instance, one room will have carpet, another will have hardwood flooring, and another ceramic or vinyl tile.. Some rooms may be loaded with furniture, others may be sparse. The number and size of windows vary widely from room to room.. Keep in mind, too, that floors, kitchens, and bathrooms take up the most focus of residential cleaning projects.

Just to note, there is quite a difference in focus areas between residential and commercial cleaning.

An average residential home is 2300 square feet. Approximately 20-30 percent of the cleaning effort involves floor care (vacuuming & mopping). Whereas in a commercial office, up to 75 percent of the effort is focused on the floors. This factor affects the pricing approach of residential cleaning, as it can not be based only on the total square footage area. One might say it’s less challenging and more timely to zip through a cleaning project that’s mainly floors, versus a completely different residential job that takes a lot longer per the same square foot because of its diversity.

Often, people overlook the fact there are various “knickknacks” throughout the family house that also need cleaning.

Consider the variety of rooms and their purposes within the typical home: kitchen, washrooms, living room and/or family room, bedrooms, home office or study, and perhaps a game, craft, or exercise room. In each of these rooms the surfaces differ, from desks to upholstered furniture to equipment to rows of shelves with books, pictures, and decorative objects—all those items that personalize a house and make it a home. People often overlook the presence of these various “knickknacks” throughout the home that also need to be individually cleaned. They neglect to consider the extra time and effort necessary to navigate through a “knickknack” display, as each tiny trinket must be cleaned and moved individually to do the job properly. Picture a shelf filled with all sorts of specialty porcelain dolls, collectible plates, antique vases, glass figurines, and so forth. We also know that properly cleaning a bookshelf of trophies, pictures, and trinkets takes additional time and attention to detail.FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInPinterest

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