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Ensuring our Cleaning Sevices is Affordable

We only hire hand picked cleaning ladies clean your house We only use professional quality tools and cleaning agents We provide mandatory on-going Training for all Cleaning ladies


Teamwork Rules!

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Things that define us as the most efficient House Cleaning company ever

Cleaning Service Experience

With more than 10 years of house cleaning experience, we and all our cleaning ladies know how to effectively clean any house

Quality Cleaning Tools

All our Cleaning tools and agents are of the highest house cleaning industry quality. Top brand names, ecologically friendly and safe to use.

Well Trained Maids

We train and re-train our Maids regularly referring to our internal house cleaning procedures and customers feedback

House Cleaning Pricing

With us you pay for the cleaning quality and service effectiveness. We only hire the best available cleaning ladies who deliver to our high standards.

100% Satisfaction

Cleaning Service satisfaction is guaranteed what means that if are unhappy with any part of House cleaning, we will return promptly to your house and re clean.

Easy Cleaning booking

yes, new technology is here. Just call us to book house cleaning appointment, text us, send e-mail or use our easy to use booking calendar.

Flexible Cleaning schedule

We work our daily and weekly house cleaning appointments schedule around our customers schedules. Don't be afraid to ask

Effective communication

We answer 99% of all phone calls. Otherwise we call you back ASAP. We respond promptly to all text messages and e-mails

Making absolutely sure house cleaning is affordable!

1. We handpick cleaning staff candidates who meet or exceed our acceptance criteria
There are several contributing factors to house cleaning service affordability but the most important one is company strategy on   selecting and hiring house cleaning staff. We hire only handpicked candidates who meet or exceed our acceptance criteria and can deliver consistently cleaning service that meets our company standards and customers expectations.
2. We use best available, state of the art cleaning tools and agents
We make sure our Maids being dispatched to perform cleaning in our customers houses are always equipped with the state of the art, best available professional cleaning tools and cleaning agents. We spend money to research and purchase these tools… the payback is in shorter cleaning time and long term savings so it cost us less to clean and we can pass on saving on to our customers.
3. We train our Maids regularly, while we also foster Teamwork culture
The third but not the last component contributing to of our service affordability is our focus on staff training and on fostering the team work culture. Our cleaning ladies receive regular training and they know what to do and how when they arrive on site. They work as a team checking on each other work, and as a result the entire house cleaning can be done in the shortest possible time while maintain adequate quality . We use class training and we maintain a library of house cleaning procedures which help our maids to learn cleaning techniques and how to organised their house cleaning task.

Our house cleaning services

Weekly and Biweekly House Cleaning

One Time - Deep House Cleaning

Move in/Move out House Cleaning

Cleaning Houses intended for Sale

Examples of House Cleaning pricing

1900 sq.ft. House

$90/house cleaning
  • 3 beds cleaned +2 baths kitchen +Hallway/Stairway +Dining Room +Living Room
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Over 3000 sq.ft. House

$135/house cleaning
  • 4 beds cleaned 4 baths kitchen Hallway/Stairway Dining Room Living Room
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How House Cleaning Process works?

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Edward Hamilton

– May 10, 2016

Moving out of the old house into a brand new one is not an easy feat on its own… I hardly imagine how we would have dealt with all the cleaning up if it was not for help by these tremendous, quick and price affordable service! They arrived on time, they finished exactly as agreed, they left us with a perfectly clean house.

Mary Beavers

– June 15, 2016

I found MississaugaHouseCleaning as a result of a search on the internet. The ladies were prompt, efficient, thorough and the service was reasonably priced. They did such a good job that I’m sure it was a contributing factor to the home selling in multiple offers over the asking price within 24 hours of it being listed!

Lisa Melthory

– June 26, 2016

Thank you for the wonderful job you did at my house on Friday, April 27th. I am very pleased and so was my Mother. She knows how cleaning should be done, trust me. Very impressed and looking forward to a long relationship. Please schedule me in for every 2 weeks!

There’s no house cleaning job too difficult for us

 as there’s no house  too big for us to get it cleaned right…

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